Lithium projects

Arian has an option over three lithium projects covering more than 1,600 hectares in the central region of the altiplano which is known for its lithium deposits, in the states of San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. There are several deposits of sodium, lithium, boron, and potassium salts currently under exploration.

Each of the three lithium projects contain ‘salars’, which are shallow ancient lakes and lagoons. These salars comprise brines formed by an accumulation of groundwater enriched with dissolved lithium and have the potential to contain significant lithium resources.

Arian’s preliminary sampling work has confirmed the presence of lithium at all three of the projects, and further work is being carried out to ascertain the full extent of the deposit.

Jose de Jesus Parga Perez (Jose Parga) is a well renowned geologist in Mexico and is highly experienced in evaluating lithium projects in central Mexico. Jose Parga has studied deposits of the lithium and potassium in the salars of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi. His work on the origin of lithium of several salty lagoons in the Highlands of San Luis Potosi-Zacatecas found them to be hydrothermal, an attribute thought to be shared across Arian’s three projects, and it is thought the lithium arising in the brine is from a combination of weathered older bedrock, magmatic-hydrothermal fluids, volcanic ash, loess (silty or loamy material deposited by wind), leaks from adjacent basins and pre-concentrated lithium from exhumed strata in the basin.